Outbound Mobility

Discover a mobility-on-demand service that's better than car rental and ownership altogether. We branded, positioned and built the digital experience to enable users and developers to shape a more interconnected and sustainable future.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Outbound business card in black


Outbound is on a mission is to enable seamless access to mobility where you live, work and stay by building an affordable, convenient and climate-neutral community-based shared mobility platform. Outbound provides an efficient turnkey solution for developers intent on substantially reducing parking space allocations by integrating shared mobility which users can reserve, unlock, and pay for in app.

Following extensive strategic research we carefully considered the name Outbound and how a user begins their journey at a designated hub. Our design choices were influenced by principles of wayfinding and guided by the adoption of a contemporary, legible typeface. These thoughtful decisions collectively formed the foundation of the brand's identity.

Home page of the properties page for Outbound
Signage outside with Outbound Logo on a white signTop view of magazine cover for an Outbound user guide
Signage of Sydney Place NSW with outbound wayfinding
Hand holding phone of the outbound website with a Polestar 2 in front of a Polestar 2
App design of Newlands for OutboundApp screens of the Outbound mobile websiteHand reaching in a Tesla with the Outbound app open
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