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Platform Advisory Partners

We are excited to share a preview of our identity work for Platform Advisory Partners, a Melbourne Based advisory firm providing M&A and capital advisory to high-growth and technology companies.

Brand Identity
Image of Platform team with their logo overlayed in the middle


Platform Advisory Partners believe that business leaders deserve honest advice from those who share their passion, vision, and resilience. They take a global approach, customizing transactions for each party and leveraging their experienced team's diverse backgrounds to optimize valuations and deal structures. With over 20 years of combined experience, Platform prioritizes honest advice and exceptional outcomes.

Stationery of a letterhead with Platform branding
Close up detail of Platform logo brandmark

The brandmark uses a customized version of the Alliance typeface,  selected for its capacity to embody a tech sophistication and  boldness that aligns with their forward-looking approach to M&A.

Signage with Platform logo on it with a meeting room number
Platform business card on a corporate couch
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